Peanut Fellowship

What Is The Peanut Fellowship?

Trinity UCC members and community neighbors make bags of peanuts, which are sold for $5.00 per lb.  On Peanut Fellowship scheduled days, those who are gathering have a potluck lunch and a great fellowship.  The proceeds from peanut sales are shared with local missions in and around Lancaster County.  Hope you can join us!

Who Can Join The Peanut Fellowship?

Open to Trinity Church members and community neighbors interested in sharing time in fellowship to have fun and produce peanuts for sale to fund mission work of the church.  Anyone can come and help with this project.

Where Does The Peanut Fellowship Take Place?

The Peanut Fellowship takes place in the kitchen and in the East side of Isenberg Hall.  From the church parking lot, one can enter through the door to your right, as you face the back of the church.

How Can I Place An Order For Peanuts?

Order sheets are on the table in the Narthex.  Just sign up for as many bags as you would like. Or call the church office, at 569-1632.  Orders must be placed by the Sunday before the scheduled Peanut Fellowship date at which you want to pick up your order.  Christmas orders must be placed by November 1st.

What Varieties Of Peanuts Are Available?

No Salt
Low Salt

When Does The Peanut Fellowship Take Place?


7:00 AM – 3:00 PM
You can come for fellowship and to help anytime after 7:00 AM on Peanut Fellowship Scheduled Dates..


The original Peanut Fellowship began over 50 years ago at St. Luke’s Church, and through time, gained a very loyal following of church members and neighbors of the church.  They found it very enriching to spend time together, prepare peanuts for sale, and share the proceeds in mission work in and around Lancaster County.
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