All will know the love of God through the teaching of Jesus!!
Trinity U.C.C. is called by
God to:
–Share God’s love with our
–Serve God’s children
–Bring healing and
wholeness to those in need
–Share the Gospel in
liturgy, music and study
A shoot shall come out from
the stock of Jesse,
and a branch shall grow out
of his roots.
The spirit of the LORD shall
rest on him,
the spirit of wisdom and
the spirit of counsel and
the spirit of knowledge and
the fear of the LORD.
His delight shall be in the fear
of the LORD.
(Isaiah 11:1-3a NRSV)
Catch the Vision,
Share the Joy!!

Dear Friends,

If you drive by Trinity Church at night and look through the clear glass window, you will notice that the Trinity window is now illuminated. This was an idea shared with me several years ago by Pastor Emeritus Harry Royer, and I never forgot about it! Then just before his death in 2019, Bob Price told me that he was leaving money to Trinity Church and we could use it for any purpose. I presented Pastor Royer’s idea to Cherie Cataldi Miller (Bob’s daughter) and her husband, Dave. They loved the idea and contributed to this effort. Upon Dave’s death this past summer, memorial funds in memory of Dave were used to support this project. We dedicated this spotlight on Thanksgiving Eve in memory of Bob & June Price and David Miller.
As we move into the Advent season, I will be focusing our attention on the readings from Isaiah. In these passages, we will discover that hope comes to us in the midst of destruction, trauma, and despair. Throughout this season, we move from darkness to light. Each Sunday we will light another candle that will help us in transition from darkness to light, from despair to hope. I can already imagine the glorious light around the sanctuary on Christmas Eve! I hope you will be with us to receive the joy of Christ as we pass the light around the sanctuary.
As we wait for the Lord to enter into our lives with light and hope, I share these
words from the 20th century theologian Henri Nouwen:
In the Midst of Our Dark World
I keep expecting loud and impressive events to convince me and others of God’s saving power…Our temptation is to be distracted by them…When I have no eyes for the small signs of God’s presence—the smile of a baby, the carefree play of children, the words of encouragement and gestures of love offered by friends—I will always remain tempted to despair.
The small child of Bethlehem, the unknown man of Nazareth, the rejected preacher, the naked man on the cross, he asks for my full attention. The work of our salvation takes place in the midst of a world that continues to shout, scream, and overwhelm us with its claim and promises.
A Prayer: We welcome you, small child of Bethlehem, whose coming we await with quiet attention. Shield us from the shouts, screams, the empty promises of the season, and encourage us to turn our hopes to your coming. We know that the promise hidden in the stable in Bethlehem and rooted in the offspring of Jesse; let us look for our salvation there. Amen.
(From Advent and Christmas Wisdom from Henri J.M. Nouwen, 2004)
Pastor Chris


Pastor Chris and Michael