All will know the love of God through the teaching of Jesus!!
Trinity U.C.C. is called by
God to:
–Share God’s love with our
–Serve God’s children
–Bring healing and
wholeness to those in need
–Share the Gospel in
liturgy, music and study
As I watched in the night visions,
I saw one like a human being
coming with the clouds
of heaven.
And he came to the Ancient One
and was presented before him.
To him was given dominion
and glory and kingship,
that all peoples, nations, and
should serve him.
His dominion is an everlasting
that shall not pass away,
and his kingship is one
that shall never be destroyed.
(Daniel 7:13-14)
Catch the Vision,
Share the Joy!!

Dear Friends,

The Lenten season will begin on February 14 (Ash Wednesday).
The last time this happened was in 2018! This day is known for
commemorating St. Valentine of Terni. Since the High Middle Ages,
St. Valentine has been associated with courtly love, a medieval European
concept of love that focused on nobility and chivalry. During the Middle Ages, it was believed that birds would form in pairs in February. This was then associated with St. Valentine, and February 14 was turned into a day of love and devotion. In recent years it has become a big day for Hallmark, restaurants, and florists.
This year we will gather for worship on February 14 at 2 p.m. and 7 p.m. for a Service of Word & Sacrament and the imposition of ashes. We will face our mortality as we hear the words “remember that you are dust and to dust you shall return.”
This season of the liturgical year is a great time for us to reflect on life and death matters. I have once again included the funeral arrangement sheet in this month’s Parish Post. Maybe you were not previously ready to think about how you would like to be remembered at the time of your death. Maybe you want to make some changes to your plans. This might be the appropriate time for you and your family to discuss these matters. If you would like to talk with me about the items on this sheet, just give me a call or send an email. When you have completed the form, please give it to me to put on file in the church office. However, I would encourage you to share a copy with your family. As you take the time to make these necessary arrangements, remember the words of Ash Wednesday: “remember that you are dust and to dust you shall return.”
I offer this reflection from Joyce Rupp called Am I Ready to Meet God?
Have you ever thought about what it would be like to be presented to
God? From time to time it is good to use our imagination and visualize
what this might be like. We can learn a lot about our relationship with
God and about how we are living our life. Author Robert Fulghum
describes going out to his cemetery plot on every birthday to sit for a
while in a lawn chair and think about this presentation to God. From this
challenging perspective he quickly sees what is vital and worthwhile in
life and what is not.
We may not have to sit on a lawn chair on our cemetery plot to think
about our “last days,” but reflecting on this reality can be a good thing.
Rather than being something morbid, it can help us anticipate union with
the all-loving Being and review who and what is significant to us in this
life. Visualizing our moment of being presented to the One who created
us with love and who receives us with love can free us from some of the
clutter and clutching of our lives and be a source of renewal.
Think about it: how do you envision your presentation to God?
(Taken from Inviting God In: Scriptural Reflections and Prayers Throughout the Year,
Pastor Chris


Pastor Chris and Michael