Christian Education

Educational Ministry of Trinity

Christian Education Program

     Our mission is to serve as an integral part of Trinity UCC by assuming primary responsibility for the church’s educational ministry.          

     We embrace a nurturing model of spiritual development, ministering to the entire family and seeking opportunities for growth in all ages.  Our worship and educational activities are based on our belief in the Triune God who reveals God’s Self through Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, and in the historical teachings of the Christian Church.

Trinity UCC’s

Christian Education Goals

    • To increase understanding of the Holy Scriptures and Christianity.
    • To foster Christian love.
    • To foster spirituality and lead persons toward full membership in the church.
    • To spread the Word of God in Christ and encourage active participation in Trinity’s Christian Education Program.
    • To grow as new persons in Christ and share His love and presence in the world.




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Sunday School

VBS and Rally Day

Youth Ministry


Dr. Randall Zachman and Dr.

Rich Christensen are leading a

combined adult Sunday School Class

on worship in the Reformed

tradition.  The class is running from March 1 to April 5 at 9 a.m. in Isenberg Hall. 


photo 3 4 10 13 copyphoto 4 10 13 copyDSC04644GPS Class Represents Storm Using ParachuteGPS Class Jesus Leads Us Safely Through Storms

GPS Class Makes A Loud Storm


GPS Class Jesus Calms The Storm