A strong program of Christian Education is the best foundation which can be provided for a growing church.  The Sunday School which forms the core of Trinity’s Christian education has four adult classes and seven classes for children from nursery through high school age.  Each spring and fall the classes participate in a Mission Project.  UNICEF has benefitted for many years and others have included Harb-Adult, Heifer Project International, Crispus Attucks and the Lancaster County Coucil of Churches food bank.  Adult classes also encouraged and sponsored youth to attend church camps at Mensch Hill, Hartman Center and Fernbrook.  Each year there are special celebrations for fall Rally Day and Promotion Day.     Although church school classes do not meet during the summer months, Vacation Bible School is held for five days in July for the community.     A week-day Bible study is held all year.  The Christian Education Committee also oversees the church time nursery and is responsible for maintaining the church library.


Food, clothing, furniture and blood banks were begun at Trinity in June, 1972 and continue today.

Each Tuesday the packers receive from the office of the Lancaster County Council of Churches the number and size of families needing food from the Food Bank.  By 2pm, volunteers from area churches pick up the food from Trinity and transport it to the Council office in Lancaster, where it is picked up by the client.  This is an emergency service.  A three day supply of food is given at three meals a day per person.  Each day of the week a different church is responsible for this service.

From 1990 to 1997, this one food bank has served 11,910 people equalling 107,190 meals.  The freezer and pantry at Trinity stocks the food from Trinity’s own budget as well as food and money contributions from schools, scouts, churches and other organizations.


When music became an integral part of the worship services at Trinity Church, the leadership came from within the congregation with choir directors.  Children’s choirs were also an integral part of worship services.

A growing number of musicians, instrumetalists, the memorial gift fo Suzuki choir chimes, the installation of a digital organ in 1993, the memorial gift of a Baldwin Hamilton piano, and the addition of choir workshops, Trinity Concert Series, the Dinner Theatre, children’s musical at the White Gift Service have made this one of Trinity’s vital ministries.


Through the years, the youth of Trinity have been tireless in their efforts to combine fun and fellowship with their deep commitment to serving Christ in many ways.  They raised funds to provide equipment for the church, as well as to contribute to causes they supported.  Car washes and sales of dishcloths, hoagies, fruit cake, Christmas trees and othe items raised funds.  Service projects have included offering Christmas shopping, baby sitting, painting rooms, clean-up, planning Halloween parties, Valentine’s dance and Youth Sunday services.  Minature golf, bowling, volleyball, hiking, Hershey Park, skiing and pool parties were just a few of the many fun activities they shared. Spiritual growth came in many experiences guided by tireless advisors.  Retreats to cabins in the woods and church lock-ins were very popular.  Participation in County Youth Association events broadened their knowledge of the UCC and offered the opportunity to make new friends.  We have seen the youth participating in a week-end retreat to New York City and attending services in various churches.    


The tradition of sharing a loaf of Trinity Bread began in the fall of 1978.  The idea was introduced to Women’s Guild by sharing a loaf of bread.  The idea came from St. Peter’s UCC, Houston, Texas.  A program was delivered to the Guild on the significance of bread and the Bread of Life to Christians.  Volunteers were to make loaves to have on hand for special occasions in the church, such as weddings, baptisms,deaths or illness, and to visitors.  Loaves were also given to all families on Pentecost.

Today the tradition of making and giving Trinity Bread is strong.  Loaves are presented to all visitors and shared on special occasions.  The essential ingredients of time, caring and personal interaction continue to form a recipe for fellowship.


Our preschool was begun in 1968 as one of Trinity’s outreach programs.  It was one of three preschools in the area and was supported through the donations of church members.  The first teachers were paid $5.00 per week.

Presently, we offer two 3-day and one 2-day classes.  Tuition and a fund raiser are the major source of income.  Trinity contributes the use of the building, utilities, office supplies, postage and the services of the sexton, secretary and pastor.

Enrollment has been as low as 15 students in 1968 and as large as more than 90 students in 1990.  During the 50 year history approximately 1,200 students have attended our school.