About Us

Established in 1848, Trinity celebrated 170 years of ministry and mission in East Petersburg, PA, in 2018
We will be an active member of the United Church of Christ and the church catholic, growing in our response to Christ’s commission to tend God’s flock and proclaim the Gospel.(St. Matthew 28:18-20)

Our ministry, centered and rooted in Christ’s presence through Word and Sacrement, will be a balance of nurture, care and mission.  Our primary purpose is to be the Body of Christ in this place with our mission focused upon the local community within a five mile radius of East Petersburg.  As a United Church of Christ and through selected mission projects, we will extend our talent and gifts to our sisters and brothers throughout the world.


In keeping with Christ’s teaching to “search until every sheep in the fold is found” we will welcome all persons to our church family which cares, nurtures and involves its members in the broader life of the Church of Jesus Christ.  We will endeavor to express our oneness with our sisters and brothers in Christ and we will seek new ways to share God’s love and presence through the programs of our congregation.

We will seek opportunities to share our catholic, apostolic faith and life so that Trinity may be a beacon in the night inviting all to experience the joy and peace we receive in Jesus Christ.