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In order to keep our congregation and visitors safe, we have added measures to assure safety during our in person services on Sundays.  Our Weekly Online Services are also available below.  

Online Services

March 22, 2020 (click here)
March 29, 2020 (click here)
April 5, 2020: Palm Sunday (click here)
April 9, 2020: Maundy Thursday (click here)
April 10, 2020: Good Friday (click here)
April 12, 2020: Easter (click here)
April 19, 2020 (click here)
April 26, 2020 (click here)
May 3, 2020 (click here)
May 10, 2020 (click here)
May 17, 2020 (click here)
May 24, 2020 (click here)
May 31, 2020 (click here)
June 7, 2020 (click here)
June 14, 2020 (click here)
June 21, 2020 (click here)
June 28, 2020 (click here)
July 5, 2020 (click here)
July 12, 2020 (click here)
July 19, 2020 (click here)
July 26, 2020 (click here)
August 2, 2020 (click here)
August 9, 2020 (click here)
August 16, 2020 (click here)
August 23, 2020 (click here)
August 30, 2020 (click here)
September 6, 2020 (click here)
September 13, 2020 (click here)
September 20, 2020 (click here)
September 27, 2020 (click here)
October 4, 2020 (click here)
October 11, 2020 (click here)
October 18, 2020 (click here)
October 25, 2020 (click here)
November 1, 2020 (click here)
November 8, 2020 (click here)
November 15, 2020 (click here)
November 22, 2020 (click here)
November 25, 2020: Thanksgiving Eve (click here)
November 29, 2020 (click here)
December 6, 2020 (click here)
December 13, 2020 (click here)
December 20, 2020 (click here)
December 24, 2020: Christmas Eve (click here)
December 27, 2020 (click here)
January 3, 2021 (click here)
January 10, 2021 (click here)
January 17, 2021 (click here)
January 24, 2021 (click here)
January 31, 2021 (click here)
February 7, 2021 (click here)
February 14, 2021 (click here)
February 17, 2021: Ash Wednesday (click here)
February 21, 2021 (click here)
February 28, 2021 (click here)
March 7, 2021 (click here)
March 14, 2021 (click here)
March 21, 2021 (click here)
March 28, 2021: Palm Sunday (click here)
April 1, 2021: Maundy Thursday (click here)
April 2, 2021: Good Friday (click here)
April 4, 2021: Easter Sunday (click here)
April 11, 2021 (click here)
April 18, 2021 (click here)
April 25, 2021 (click here)
May 2, 2021 (click here)
May 9, 2021 (click here)

{Please note that Trinity is adhering to physical distancing guidelines.  Music is being recorded separately and put together electronically for the services. Permission to podcast / stream the music in these services obtained from ONE LICENSE,  #A-711879 and CCLI # 11083455.  All rights reserved.}

 Trinity Online Christmas Concert 2020

Traditionally each of the concerts in our Trinity Concert Series includes a Mission Project.  For this concert we are encouraging anyone who is able, to help us support Hempfield Power Packs.  From December 20 – 24, you can bring your gifts of physical donations to the manger in front of our church.  See the banner above for donation requests.  Monetary donations are being accepted through online giving, on our Resources Page.


**** SHARE THE JOY****

We welcome all who worship with us.  May the joy of Christ’s presence and the power of the Holy Spirit fill you with peace and hope!  We would be honored by your presence and trust that you will join us in the praise and worship of God. 

All visitors receive a loaf of Trinity Bread which symbolizes our ministry of welcoming, caring, sharing and inviting.





                            1848 – 2021                                                                   


Thank you for visiting our web site!  We welcome you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ!


All persons who seek God and desire to grow in a relationship with Jesus Christ and his body, the church, are encouraged to join us in worship, faith, fellowship and mission.


We are a growing congregation rooted in the faith of the apostles, fed by the Word of God revealed in the Holy Scriptures, and renewed by the presence and power of the Holy Spirit.


Faithful to our roots we are at the same time progressive in our expressions of faith and service.


God calls us to life and gives us the vision of a whole new way of being.  We invite you to join us in this new life and experience the joy of being part of the family of God’s people.


  • Family – faithful to our tradition in a contemporary way
  • Creedal – a church rooted in historic Christian faith, expressed through the Apostle and Nicene Creeds
  • Growing – a congregation that, while growing retains intimacy
  • Children Friendly
  • Liturgical
  • Sacramental

O Lord Christ, good shepherd of the sheep, you seek the lost and guide us into your fold.  Feed us, and we shall be satisfied; heal us, and we shall be whole.  Make us one with you, for you live and reign with the Father and the Holy Spirit, one God, now and forever.