Construction Project


Remember these dates

Sunday, November 20 is Dedication Day. Dedication at 9:45 followed by Worship service at 10:30.
The elevator is installed, and we anticipate the inspection which would allow use of the elevator to occur by the second or third week in December.
Doors for the addition should be installed by November 30 so access to the building from the new addition could begin.

A little about financing the project

The Finance Committee has commitments from Fulton Bank to finance the project.
A $400,000 first mortgage for 15 years will be closed to assist with financing the project. Another $400,000 short term 3 year note will cover capital campaign funds until members provide their capital campaign contributions.
We additionally received excess pledges that will allow us to build a canopy portico and provide WiFi throughout the building. These costs are estimated to be up to $110,000 in added costs.
Project Budget
The overall project budget is estimated at $1,045,000 including the portico canopy and the WiFi installation.



General Contract for Construction Awarded to MidState in Harrisburg

All construction and site work for our Building Project will be completed by MidState located in Harrisburg. Mike Neiswender, President of MidState participated in our worship service and ground breaking ceremonies Sunday, May 22. Tom Marcinkowski from Greenfield Associates, the architect who completed our design work also participated in our services.
Mike Neiswender is the Project Manager for MidState and Harry Whisler is the on site foreman for MidState. They meet regularly with our Project Team (Chuck Husted, Pat Sensenig, and Mike Wagner).

Project Construction Timeline 

Construction of our elevator addition and new rear entrance began on Monday, June 6 and as we prepare for the Dedication Ceremony, we still have floor covering and ceilings to finished in the addition. Doors required a change order to obtain the right combination of door and hardware for electronic use and delayed their installation to late November. Steel for the stairway in the new section was delayed and pushed the project back by 3 weeks. 
At the Dedication Ceremony on November 20, the elevator will be installed, but not yet inspected. We anticipate inspection to occur within 30 days of the Dedication Ceremony. We will announce when the elevator can be used.
The structural steel for the portico canopy is ordered and currently at a galvanizing shop to be coated before delivery to the site. When delivered, we will use the services of a crane to install the structure; we will give notice of that event because part of the parking lot could be blocked off for the crane use.
Paving and landscaping are completed. Signage will be installed and handicapped parking spots will be painted as a last part of the project around mid December.
The Plans
If you have questions or would like to review the detailed engineering plans for either the inside or outside work, please contact either Chuck Husted, Pat Sensenig, or Mike Wagner. They have been working diligently with the Architects, the engineers, and the utility companies and would help you understand the project and how it is all put together. We aren’t totally sure, but we believe Chuck has memorized everything.